Recycling Charity Shop Books

Charity shops usually have books or rag books that are surplus to requirements and disposing of these to an organisation the ticks the following boxes can present a challenge:

Revival Books are all of these and can help you.

We buy charity shop books and Revival Books already work with over 300 charity shops across the North of England including Cancer Research UK, RSPCA, Roy Castle and a variety of other smaller more local charities. We collect and process thousands of books each week.

We seek to find a second life for as many of the books as possible and we sell these online however the vast majority of charity shop books are in fact recycled. Working with a paper / book recycling partner (Smurfit Kappa) we recycle any books we do not use and these books are pulped for on-going use.  We also recycle plastics e.g. CD’s, DVD’s and Computer Games both cases and discs.

Being based in the North West and having our own drivers and vans means we don’t have to pay external couriers and the associated cost of transporting books long distances.  We are also confident that we pay the best prices for books in the market place.  We issue hessian type sacks and we pay you a fixed price for a full bag.  We chose to pay per bag for ease since there is less time and effort involved in weighing the bags of books.  Please call or email us for further details of how much we pay per bag.  However if you have a requirement to be paid by weight this can be accommodated too.

We will collect your books every week (or as required) and you will have a designated collection day which is when our driver is in your area.

One great thing about our service is that we take ALL books not only those that you would consider selling in your shops.  We also buy and recycle CD’s, computer games and DVD’s.

Payment is normally made by cheque or debit card upon collection and a receipt is required and should be given to the driver.  Cash can be paid but we prefer not to burden our drivers with the security issues of carrying cash around with them.

If you are interested in joining our scheme and generating additional revenue for your charity please do not hesitate to contact us we are confident that the revenue from your books will increase substantially.