We Buy Withdrawn Library Books

Helping to deal with withdrawn library books

We are aware that public library services usually have withdrawn books that are no longer of use and disposing of these used books in a timely, economic and environmentally efficient manner can present a challenge to library managers.  We hope that we are able to help with these problems.

We know that it is important for libraries to:

We work with over 20 Public Library Services across the UK as well as a number of University Libraries and College Libraries.  We also work with many Charities and collect and process thousands of books each week.

We seek to find a second life for as many of the books as possible and we sell these in retail outlets or on the Internet.  Working with a paper recycling partner we recycle any books we do not use and these books are pulped for on-going use.

We will take ALL books.  We understand that you need a solution to the whole problem and therefore we do not specify that we will only take certain types of books.   Unfortunately we cannot ascribe a value to journals or magazines but we can take them away free of charge as part of a book collection.  We also take audio books, CD’s, computer games and DVD’s.

We will collect your books from individual libraries if this is what you prefer or we can collect from a single collection point. We have designated days each week when we are in particular areas so we would try and tag your collections on to these to minimise fuel consumption. If you have a large volume we can make arrangement for specific one off collections.   Payment is normally made by cheque upon collection and a receipt is required and should be given to the driver.

If you are interested in further information please do not hesitate to contact us.